Building links together.

Giving easy access to your documents store

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Websites work well


Designed for ease of use.

This website is for clubs to store information and allow easy access.

Sharing of information, allowing downloads to be accessed quickly. Information stored is protected by the latest security software.


Information can be made available to all, other information deemed sensitive can be stored behind password-protected areas.

Designed to view by all popular devices:

phone, tablet or computer.

Plan For Every Team

Make information available for your customers or staff. You choose what to share


Price on Request

You provide your audio copy of your meeting and we will make it available, to the public or for a selected audiance behind password-protected section


Up to 10 hours of recordings


Unedited recording


Standard website page


Choose pubic or private


Price on Request

Suste Media is able to produce an audio copy of your meeting.

We can produce a complete full audio un-edited version or an enhanced version with all voices normalized to an even level.



Up to 20 Hours of recordings


Full version un-edited


Un edited enhanced voice version


Choice of 5 website page designs


Choice of public or private


Price on Request

You send you information over to Suste Media and we will design a information page or pages. 


Unlimited recording time


Tupiditate non provident


Doloribus asperiores repellat


Eveniet ut et voluptates repudiandae

Case Studies

No Website let help your club or Business

We can advise you on what is the best for you. Getting information out is important for growth.

“This a new service we are offering. Don’t let your information get lost. We will setup your dowload links for any information you wish share, which is stored on our server”.

Stephen Miet-Piechocki

Suste Media

“The service is new, and sharing information does not need to be hard. Should you already have a website then you only have to put the link on your site.

No need to re design your website”

Sue Hares

Suste Media


Primary Features

Thousand Of Features

Friendly Interface

Links are ready

Strong Security

Easy Integriation